Reasons for Joining our Ranks

JLAB is not for all types of capsuleers. In fact, because of the way we view the game and our approach to gaming, we recommend that only mature, rational, individualistic and profit-driven individuals submit applications. If this description fits you, and if you have an interest in Jove lore, we would look forward to welcoming you into our ranks. Our aim is to build and nurture the wealthiest, most stable and powerful industrial corporation in Eve, powered by the sharing of game know-how, experience and an unprecedented central infrastructure.

Prerequisites to Becoming a Member of JLAB

In order to join, you are required to have read up on our vision, structure and general views on New Eden (please browse our website for more information). It is also expected of you to have read up on our code of conduct (view here). You must furthermore be prepared to earn your status as a Jove Echelon member (see "Structure").

The minimum skill point requirement for joining is 10 million SP. Exceptions can be made for exceptional applicants only who are marginally below the threshold. You must agree to follow Jovian Labs' Code of Conduct before joining.

Application Procedure

Jovian Labs is never closed for recruitment, although applications may experience a slight delay in times of war as additional applicant background checks are conducted.

In order to submit your application, please ensure that you have your limited API key ready and have a think about why you would like to join JLAB.

For now, application are accepted in-game only. If you pass our screening, you will be given the go-ahead to submit a formal application.

Finding out More

You may freely join our in-game channel "JLAB Recruitment". The channel will be open in peace time, but may close in times of war.

Who should apply?

You should be:

  • supportive of the Jove Empire
  • interested in industry or exploration
  • reasonably skilled (10m SP)
  • capitalist at heart
  • willing to follow protocol / guidelines