Corporate Governance

Jovian Labs' governance is stratified into five levels reflecting a gradual ascension into Jove ranks. Influence within JLAB increases with each level attained.

Ultimately, the JLAB's core principles frame the corporation's broader strategic ambitions and style of game play. Strategic decisions are made by the CEO, CFO and the "Jove Echelon Directorate" at the highest level and are not subject to votes by other echelons. Oversight and guidance is provided by the Board of Jovian Labs Holdings. Operational and commercial decisions are made at management and operational levels in an independent way, with minimal interference from above.

Hierarchical Structure

Formal seniority is determined mainly by the time a member has served in the corporation, his / her contribution and skill set and willingness to take on responsibilities. There are five ranks or "echelons" within the corporation:

  1. Jove Echelon Directorate: Members of this highest attainable echelon within the corporation form a circle of power where all decision of strategic importance are made. Relentless loyalty and dedication to the corporation's interest over a long period of time may lead to a nomination to be voted into the Jove Echelon Directorate
  2. Jove Echelon Member: Trusted member of the corporation with an impeccable track record. Corporate involvement, maturity and common sense should be displayed over a longer period to qualify for this designation
  3. High Echelon Member: Experienced members who have earned the respect and confidence of Jovian Labs through demonstrated positive corporate involvement 
  4. Base Echelon Commander: Skilled and ambitious newer members may run subdivisions at the Base Echelon level. Working hard as a Base Echelon Commander to make sure JLAB keeps new joiners busy is likely to result in a fast tracked promotion
  5. Base Echelon Member: New joiners still unproven within the corporation. There is no set time limit for promotion to the Jove Echelon, but this is the pool of capsuleers where talent will be identified and rewarded