Ground Rules

By accepting membership in Jovian Labs or remaining its member you accept the following Code of Conduct

  1. To behave in a mature, measured, polite and considerate fashion to all citizens of Eve and Dust 514 at all time
  2. To put Jovian Labs interests above those of any other corporation in Eve or Dust 514
  3. To make no representation on behalf of Jovian Labs to any pod pilot unless granted Diplomat or Director status at any time
  4. To observe any corporate communication regularly, particularly before undocking
  5. To observe the peacetime, wartime and regional protocols set out below without exception
  6. We operate an NRDS policy in the Providence region meaning you can under no circumstance engage a neutral player unprovoked. NBSI applies elsewhere

Failure to abide with the above will result in reprimand or exit, depending on severety of breach and individual circumstances.

Peacetime Protocol

  1. You shall on no occasion carry cargo through a hub system worth in excess of ISK1.5bn in a single hauler or freighter
  2. You shall on no occasion expose expensive ships to undue risk - this includes jumping expensive ships into unscouted system in low and nulsec or for instance doing highsec missioning in a SOE battleship

Wartime Protocol

You may not grant the enemy easy kills:

  1. No freighters allowed to undock
  2. No afk or unstabbed haulers
  3. No highsec mining allowed
  4. No missioning in hubs allowed

If you are a miner and need or want to mine you have 3 options:

  1. Relocate to our WH system
  2. Relocated to our frequented nulsec systems
  3. Leave JLAB temporarily and join a noob corp (on paper) alerting your directors in advance. No player corps allowed. Join the "Joves" channel to participate in JLAB's corp chat and mine away in highsec until the war is over. Nothing else changes - your contracts to corp will be accepted as usual. You will be accepted back into JLAB automatically once the war is over

Similar choices apply if your are desperate to run missions close to larger hubs.

Wartime PvP

  1. Do not solo - you are encouraged to fleet up for some PvP fun as you see fit
  2. Fly cheap ships and stay insured
  3. Make sure you have scouts and intel
  4. PvP is not a mandatory activity although you are encouraged to participate to the best of your abilities